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Paul’s Lament Instrumental

Keywords: Adventure, Aggressive, Anger, Angry, Authoritative, Authority, Bass, Bluesy, Bold, Courage, Dance, Dark, Direct, Groove, Guitar, Hot, In Your Face, Massive, Move, Old School, Persistance, Pump, Speed, Sweat, Work, Work Out Rob Reed – Paul’s Lament Instrumental [Download] To license this song for your use, write down the title and click here.

Playing Trains

Keywords: Acoustic, Ambient, Beat, Bluesy, Energetic, Energy, Focused, Groove, Guitar, Happy, Hopeful, Jazzy, Lift, Love, Manic, Pensive, Persistance, Slither, Sneak, Train, Upbeat, Whimsical Story: I just started groovin’ with a jazzy lick that is very much unlike me, and the whimsy of it all reminded me of my son, playing with his trains. Rob Reed

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Banshee Scream 2 Vibe

Keywords: Ambient, Bass, Bluesy, Dance, Dark, Eccentric, Eighties, Engine, Guitar, Pump, Sultry, Suspense Story: This is the second version of a song that originally featured a lot of “screaming” electric guitar. The second half of the song had this great, U2′y vibe, and I actually like the vibe more than the original, so I’m sharing

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Same Old Story

Keywords: Aggressive, Authoritative, Authority, Bass, Bluesy, Cacophony, Beat, Bold, Direct, Focused, Groove, Melancholy, Memories, Montage, Night, Persistance, Pensive, Piano, Sad, Slow, Stalk, Stalker, Sultry Rob Reed – Same Old Story [Download] To license this song for your use, write down the title and click here.


Keywords: Guitar, Bluesy, Angry, Aggressive, In Your Face, Groove, Dance, Bass, Work Out Story: I first came up with the bluesy lick while just fiddling around with my Telecaster… then, I added the cool bass line, and I just played my heart out with what little guitar chops I have. Rob Reed – Teleblaster [Download]

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