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Sample Video #4: Still Ripples Podcast

Thanks to the guys at Still Ripples for using music from the site… check them out!

Sample Video #3: Esther Frog Catching

The cutest girl you’ll ever see (and, of course, her Pop) used Loving Patience in Esther’s latest video about catching frogs. Great video, Esther! Subscribe to her YouTube channel by clicking here!

Sample Video #2: SpeakAgainst

Great use of Crackle and Pop (intro) and Sarah Surprise (outro), revealing a very sad and disgusting practice of sex trafficking underage girls in Cambodia. Thanks for using the music, guys. Check out their channel and support their work!

New York City

Keywords: Adventure, Air, Aerial, Autumn, Beat, Beautiful, Beauty, Bold, Clouds, Courage, Discover, Discovery, Energetic, Energy, Flight, Fly, Groove, Happy, Hopeful, Lift, Love, Montage, Relaxing, Soaking, Soar, Soaring, Travel, Upbeat Story: The melody and feel of this tune reminds me very much of the awe and wonder I have experienced on the two occasions that I

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Keywords: Adventure, Aggressive, Anger, Angry, Authoritative, Authority, Battle, Bold, Cacophony, Conflict, Conquest, Courage, Dark, Depeche, Direct, Drive, Driving, Eighties, Energetic, Energy, Ethereal, Fast, Fire, Manic, March, Military, Night, Pump, Sweat, Suspense, Tank, Techno, Victory, War, Work, Work Out Rob Reed – Firefight [Download] To license this song for your use, write down the title and

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Sample Video #1: PastorGeorgec

Great use of Teleblaster (backwards and slowed down), Horizon Hill, and Rockets Red Glare in this video by YouTube user pastorgeorgec!

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