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Fierce Competition

Keywords: Adventure, Aggressive, Anger, Angry, Authoritative, Authority, Battle, Beautiful, Beauty, Bold, Cello, Chase, Conflict, Conquest, Courage, Dark, Direct, Discover, Discovery, Eerie, Energetic, Energy, Flag, Fly, Focused, Glory, Hopeful, Majestic, Majesty, March, Massive, Military, Move, Olympics, Orchestral, Persistance, Supernatural, Suspense, Sweat, Tank, Upbeat, Victory, War Story: This was written specifically for the Olympics. I listened to

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Sample Video #3: Esther Frog Catching

The cutest girl you’ll ever see (and, of course, her Pop) used Loving Patience in Esther’s latest video about catching frogs. Great video, Esther! Subscribe to her YouTube channel by clicking here!

D Street

Keywords: Acoustic, Adventure, Aerial, Air, Autumn, Bass, Beat, Beautiful, Beauty, Bold, Courage, Direct, Energetic, Energy, Groove, Guitar, Happy, Hopeful, Lift, Love, Majestic, Majesty, Memories, Montage, Persistance, Piano, Soaking, Soar, Soaring, Sweat, Upbeat, Victory Rob Reed – D Street [Download] To license this song for your use, write down the title and click here.

Happy For A Reason

Keywords: Adventure, Air, Autumn, Beat, Beautiful, Beauty, Bold, Clouds, Conquest, Courage, Dance, Direct, Electronic, Energetic, Energy, Ethereal, Groove, Happy, Hopeful, Lift, Love, Majestic, Majesty, Memories, Montage, Soaking, Soar, Soaring, Upbeat, Victory, Worship Story: This song shows how intuitive and easy the Reason recording software is. I produced this in the first hour after I first

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