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Explore and Climb

Keywords: Acoustic, Adventure, Aerial, Air, Ambient, Beat, Beautiful, Beauty, Bold, Discover, Discovery, Energetic, Energy, Engine, Fly, Groove, Guitar, Happy, Hopeful, Piano, Soar, Soaring, Upbeat Story: Playing around in the studio with four chords and thought it would be a good melody to add an uplifting, musical climb in it… this was the result. Rob Reed

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Groovin Slowlike

Keywords: Bass, Beat, Beautiful, Beauty, Engine, Focused, Groove, Guitar, March, Military, Persistance, Piano, Relaxing, Slither, Slow, Slow Motion, Sneak, Sultry, Suspense Rob Reed – Groovin Slowlike [Download] To license this song for your use, write down the title and click here.

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