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Spoon of Suspense

Keywords: Adventure, Authority, Bass, Beat, Bold, Club, Dance, Electro House, Electronic, Hip Hop, Move, Pump, Punchy, Rap, Suspense Rob Reed – Spoon of Suspense [Download] To license this song for your use, write down the title and click here.

Love Lullaby

Keywords: Autumn, Beautiful, Beauty, Cello, Clouds, Glory, Hopeful, Lift, Love, Melodic, Memories, Montage, Orchestral, Piano, Private, Relaxing, Sad, Slow, Slow Motion, Soaking, Worship Story: I was in a mellow, loving mood and came up with the basic piano riff. It reminds me a lot of Henry Mancini, particularly the love theme that he wrote for

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Trumpet In Zion

Keywords: Adventure, Aggressive, Anger, Angry, Authority, Authoritative, Beat, Bold, Chase, Clouds, Conflict, Conquest, Courage, Dark, Depeche, Driving, Direct, Eerie, Eighties, Electronic, Energetic, Energy, Engine, Ethereal, Ghosts, Groove, In Your Face, Manic, Military, Piano, Pump, Secret, Slither, Stalk, Stalker, Sultry, Supernatural, Suspense, Sweat, War Rob Reed – Trumpet In Zion [Download] To license this song for

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House Call

Keywords: Adventure, Aerial, Air, Beat, Bold, Cacophony, Club, Courage, Dance, Eccentric, Electro House, Electronic, Energy, Engine, Fast, House, In Your Face, Manic, Pump, Rap, Sweat, Upbeat, Work, Work Out Rob Reed – House Call [Download] To license this song for your use, write down the title and click here.

Pranksta Boogie

Keywords: Adventure, Bass, Beat, Bold, Dance, Direct, Discover, Discovery, Engine, Fast, Focused, Groove, Hopeful, Lift, Move, Piano, Secret, Sultry, Suspense Rob Reed – Pranksta Boogie [Download] To license this song for your use, write down the title and click here.

Pretty Old Things

Keywords: Adventure, Beat, Cacophony, Chase, Dance, Eighties, Energetic, Energy, Engine, Fast, Groove, Happy, Hopeful, Horns, Hot, Move, Pump, Rap, Speed, Sweat, Upbeat, Work Out Song Story: Was playing around with some synth sounds and came up with a basic engine of a song that reminded me a bit of Michael Jackson’s “PYT” (or Pretty Young

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Sample Video #4: Still Ripples Podcast

Thanks to the guys at Still Ripples for using music from the site… check them out!

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